Information about this years Confirmation

By October 12, 2020 News

Dear Confirmation Candidates, Sponsors, Parents, and Guardians,

It is my great joy to finally be able to present you more detailed information about the upcoming
confirmation which will take place in St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish between October 19th
– 23rd

First may I remind you of the days you will be receiving the sacraments. We will be conferring
the sacraments within the class group the youth was being prepared for the sacrament. Below I
remind you of the date and who will confer the sacrament upon you.

Sr. Karolina Szymkowiak’s MChR class on Monday October 19th 2020 –
Celebrant: Fr. Jacek Nosowicz OMI
Mr. Marek Misiak’s class on Tuesday October 20th 2020 –
Celebrant: Fr. Marcin Serwin OMI
Mrs. Karolina Radziwoń’s class on Wednesday October 21st 2020 –
Celebrant: Fr. Jacek Nosowicz OMI
Fr. Marcin Serwin’s OMI class on Thursday October 22nd 2020 –
Celebrant: Fr. Marcin Serwin OMI
Mrs. Ewa Markiewicz/ Mrs. Dorota Jasiński’s class on Friday October 23rd 2020 –
Celebrant: Fr. Jacek Nosowicz OMI

The following is important information to help you and your son/ daughter prepare well for this


An important step in preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation is confession. We need to have
a clean heart in order to receive God’s grace. Therefore, each candidate as well as their sponsor
is required to go to confession before receiving this sacrament or witnessing to the readiness of
someone else. Just like you prepared your heart in March, it is needed to do so again as 7 months
is a long time and we all need God’s forgiving grace. Currently, confessions are available twice a
day in our parish from Monday to Friday at 7:30 am to 8am and in the evening from 6:00 pm
until we confess everyone. In addition, we also confess on Saturday at 7:30 am. Each candidate
is required to go to confession before their confirmation day. This will be their first test on
whether they are mature enough in their faith to prioritize this above other activities leading up to
Confirmation. There will be no practice before Confirmation day.

Confirmation Day:

On the day of your confirmation both the confirmation candidates and sponsors are asked to be
in the church at 6:30 PM. You will meet your teacher in the back of the church. The teachers and
confirmation coordinators will give you your gown. Please note that in order to insure the safety
of all, the gowns will arrive to the parish sanitized and in plastic covers and will be used only by
one person. We also ask you to bring the “stole” you made in March as it will be placed over the
gown. In addition, make sure to have your wooden confirmation cross. After receiving your
gown your teacher and/or confirmation coordinator will guide you to your designated pew where
you will sit along with your closest family and your sponsor. Pews can fit up to 10 people, all
family members beyond this number or those who are invited guests but are not part of your
closest circle will be able to sit in other pews in the church. The candidate will sit with their
sponsor at the end of the pew, this way facilitating the movement in and out of the pew at the
time of the sacrament.

It is important to remember that each confirmation candidate may invite up to a total of 14
guests, not including themselves, but no more, in order to allow space for everyone. If anyone
needs more space in order to accommodate their closest family, please email us using the email

The sacrament will look slightly different due to Covid-19 safety guidelines but will have the
necessary form in order for the sacrament to be conferred and lived out in a beautiful way.
There will be 5 designated spots around the Sanctuary that the candidates and sponsors will be
guided to for the moment of the sacrament. This will ensure social distancing as well as fluidity
during the sacrament.

There will be no group photos. As always, in order to not have parents and family members
trying to take photos during the Mass and the Sacrament of Confirmation, the parish
photographer will be taking all photos during the Mass on the main floor. Those who are
interested in purchasing these photos will be able to do so by contacting him. Anyone else
wanting to take photos must take them from the balcony.

Let us remember that this sacrament is the entrance into the adulthood of your faith and must be
received with needed reverence and maturity.

I hope this information will help you prepare well for this day. If you have any questions please
write them to

In Christ and Mary Immaculate,

Fr. Marcin Serwin OMI