Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council consists of a group of people who act as a consultative body serving the Pastor in the spirit of mutual appreciation, charity and dialogue. The Council does not manage the parish but brings an important voice to all pastoral activities. The responsibilities of the Council include collaborating to build the parish as a living, witnessing Christian Community by offering opinions and making suggestions for enhancing pastoral care of the parish. The activities of the Council should encourage the development of Christian life and the engagement of the parish in bringing spiritual and material assistance and the gospel message to everyone in its community. It is in this spirit that our Parish Council has served from the very beginning, especially during the early years of creating a community, building the church and the John Paul II Centre, and the era of the “Renew” program and the integration of a massive wave of immigration from Poland to Canada. The present composition of the Parish Pastoral Council reflects the current needs of our parish and its pastoral leadership team.

For more information, please contact:
O. Jacek Nosowicz: (905) 848-2420
Michał Kasprzak: (905) 614-1560