Accessible Parking

Parking is not permitted in the designated accessibility spots without an accessibility parking permit. This also applies to those individuals who transport persons with accessibility needs, but do not possess such a permit. In such cases, persons with accessibility needs must be dropped off at the church, and the vehicle must be parked in a regular parking spot. Please remember that parking in an accessible parking space without a permit can result in a fine. Parking is also not permitted along the entrance and exit of church property, and any other non-designated spot. Vehicles will be tagged and/or towed.


Municipal By-Laws

The Church’s parking lot, though private property, is governed by municipal by-laws, which all users are expected to follow. The Church and its administrators are not responsible for any tickets that are issued as a result of by-law infractions.


Pamphlet Distribution

The distribution of any and all materials on Church property is not permitted. Those interested in propagating their businesses must contact the parish office.