Parish Envelopes

Persons who wish to help the parish financially can do so using the envelope system. Regular users can pick up their envelopes in December. New users are asked to contact the parish office in November. Contributions to the church can be deducted from your income tax. Income tax returns for each year are sent to parishioners at the end of February.


Those who wish to advertise their business in the parish bulletin are asked to contact the office at the end of May. New advertisements are placed in the parish bulletin in October. Parishioners have priority. All non-Parish related entertainment-for-profit advertisements are to be paid for.

Financial and Spiritual Support for Missions

As our parish is under the direction of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, we cannot forget about missionaries working around the world. Our Circle of Friends of the Missions collects material aid for missions in many countries through a variety of activities. As a parish, we frequently host missionaries who share their experiences with us, increasing our awareness of missionary needs. In addition to material help, each member of the Friends of the Missions has pledged to support missionaries and their work through regular prayer.