Jubilee 2000

Jubilee 2000 is the name of our children’s choir, which was founded in the Jubilee year by Father Janusz Jajeśniak. During weekly meetings, children learn vocal technique and the fundamentals of music theory, while they play and sing. There is an emphasis on the fundamentals of proper singing technique, including posture, breathing and diction, as well as vocal exercises. The group’s repertoire is religious songs. The children’s choir is not only a school of voice, it is also an excellent example of how to develop empathy and learn through art, and allows young people to actively express their emotions. Child-like spontaneity and the joy of singing in a choir are the foundation of the choir’s artistry. This choir warmly welcomes all children who have a love of singing.

For more information, please contact Sr. Karolina Szymkowiak MChR, 905- 848-2420, [email protected]